C13 to Route 11 cafe 28 Nov 2021

C13 to Route 11 cafe 28 Nov 2021

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L from Tesco to A47 Rbt

2nd L to Stoke Holy Cross

L Uncl (by church) to Brooke

SO B1332 to A143

R A143 to Uncl

R Uncl sp Stubbs Green to A143 Rbt

SO Rbt to B1062

L B1062 to A145

R A145 to B1124

R B1124/1123 to A144 Rbt

L A144 to B1117

B1117 to B1116

R B1116 to Fressingfield

2nd L on sharp R bend Uncl to B1118

R B1118 to A140

R A140 Thru Diss to B1077 Rbt

R B1077 to A11

R A11

Coffee @ Route 11 cafe on Left

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