E4 to Nemo’s Cafe 10 Oct 2021

E4 to Nemo’s Cafe 10 Oct 2021

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Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt

2nd exit unclass to Caister St Edmund

R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross

Unclass to Hempnall

R B1135 for ½ M

L unclass to Fritton, Starston

L B1134 to Harleston

(L thro’ village)

L A143 to Homersfield

R B1062 to Bungay/Beccles

North thro Beccles village to Gillingham A146

R A143 to Haddiscoe, St. Olaves

R B1074 to Somerleyton

Pass the Blundeston X rds keep on B1074 for ¼ M

L Hall Rd past Prison

2nd exit mini-rbt onto A12

SO Tesco rbt to North Lowestoft X rds

2nd L down ravine sp Denes under Bridge

3rd exit mini-rbt past Birdseye, Baycover

1st exit at rbt Keep LH lane over bridge A12

coffee at Nemo’s café (Claremont pier) 01502 563799

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