W4 to Peddler’s Hall Cafe, Swaffham

W4 to Peddler’s Hall Cafe, Swaffham

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Observers MG & PS, Reserves SL & JW

There are a few changes from the route published in the magazine. These are marked in bold below

L out of Tesco’s to A47 Eastbound

L towards Thorpe St Andrew onto A1270

Follow the NDR to the Horsford rbt then R

Rbt L B1149 to Saxthorpe, Holt

SO rbt A148 sp Fakenham

R B1156 sp Blakeney

Thru Langham, Binham to Wells

L A149 to B1105

L B1105 to JCT

R Uncl sp New Holkham to N.Creake

R/L Uncl to Stanhoe

L B1155/B1153 to Gayton

SO B1145 to B1153

B1153 to West Acre

R Uncl sp West Acre Theatre

L @X Uncl sp South Acre to A1065

R A1065 to Swaffham

Peddlers Hall Cafe

Swaffham PE37 7QH

01760 722669

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