Calling all NAM members

We remain on the lookout for members to step up to the plate and volunteer to help run the club, your club. We are currently looking for a Vice Chair and a Membership Secretary. Key roles yes, but not especially onerous. Yep I know we are all busy but you know what they say “If you want something done ask a busy person”.

TBH committee work isn’t hard work, it’s rewarding, good fun and boosts that essential feel-good factor. The other TBH fact of life is if nobody is willing to help out on the committee we will have to reassess what NAM is all about. Is it to remain a club where you ride out with mates, meet up socially for a chat and an organisation providing advanced motorbike training or should it become an easy-to-run memberless training organisation?

Covid gave everyone a big kick in the mouth but on consideration maybe some of our experienced bikers might like to consider giving something back to help new members along the way. If that is you and you’d like to have a chat, contact John young or Paul Milner (details on the contact page).

Thank you.

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