NAM AGM 2021

Minutes of the annual general meeting held 18th November 2021 at The Cottage, Norwich, NR7 0JD

Paul Milner (secretary) read out Rob Chandler’s welcome speech to the 29 club members present

  1. Apologies for absence from Rob Chandler, Beccy Samworth, Ian Woodley, Matt Green and Harry Godwin
  2. Minutes of the previous AGM held 21st November 2019 (Covid forced delay) approved: proposed David Mather seconded John Young
    • Matters arising: (i) Website now managed in house (ii) Group meetings
  3. Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts                                                                                  
    • The cost of hard copy magazine queried, a vote of hands voted to retain                                    
    • Bruce Chilton asked whether it was in order to hold funds of £11,638, David confirmed all was in order                                                                                                                    
    • The accounts were approved by the meeting proposed Bruce Chilton, seconded Paul Milner
  4. Membership Secretary’s report (read by Paul Milner)                                                                     
    • We have 209 members on NAM books comprising 179 full members, 25 associates and 5 friends
    • A reminder, members can update personal details on the Love Admin site, anyone requiring advice on how to do this contact Beccy direct 
  5. Election of Officers
    • Chairman: Rob Chandler, proposed Paul Milner seconded David Mather
    • Secretary: Paul Milner, proposed Derek Cordingly seconded David Bonner
    • Treasurer: David Mather, proposed Keith Jordan, seconded Phil Sherriff
      Note: The vote was not a shoo-in, there was spirited debate all round concluding change was very important to ensure the club’s future.
  6. Election of the Committee including the three new seconded members
    • The vote was unanimous, proposed Bruce Chilton seconded Phil Sherriff
    • A request was put to members to consider the post of Route-master
  7. Have club nights had their day?
    • There was animated debate by all with many suggestions indicating they remain an important club event but need bringing up to date.  Suggestions included BBQs, training sessions, first aid courses, slow riding techniques, celebrity speakers,.one day rides (with lunch) and quiz nights. Basically ‘specials’.
    • It was proposed from the floor that we email members (via Graham) with options allowing them to ‘tick-box’ their preferences.  This way it’s possible to have the answers in order of preference allowing the committee to progress
  8. Address by the chairman – Done, see opening sentence
  9. Presentation ‘Most Improved Rider’ award
    • This went to Bob Russell, photograph taken with his observer Martin Youell
    • The award – one mug please as well as a photo in the magazine
  10. Any other Business
    • John Young gave a brief résumé covering his background.  This includes NAM member since 2008, NAM observer, Blood Biker, vice chair of charity ‘Take Our Hand’ (for bereaved 16-24 years-olds).  Enjoys all types of motorcycling, touring, off road and green lane riding.  John also outlined his ideas on how to take the club forward into 2022 and beyond.
    • Paul distributed the NAM ‘visiting cards’ recommending their proactive use.

The meeting closed at 20.15hrs to be followed by the buffet, the raffle and the quiz